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TV Wall Brackets and Mounts. How to Install and Choose It Properly?

by Eloiza

When the question arises of where to put the TV, the solutions may be different. But one of the most versatile and modern is to hang the TV on the wall. For this, of course, you need a suitable mount. The current trend to make TVs as thin as possible allows them to be quite light in weight. Such TVs can even be mounted on plasterboard walls, and the process is quite simple. However, even when choosing a bracket, many questions may arise related to the material of the walls, the weight of the TV, the mount, etc. These are the questions we are answering today.


The first and most important thing you need to figure out is the material of the walls. Different types of mounts are compatible with different surfaces. This applies, among other things, to anchor bolts, dowels, etc. For stone or cement surfaces, it is fundamentally important to select fasteners that will not fall out of the wall and will not crumble it. Such fasteners, as a rule, are not provided in the bracket kit. This means that you will have to visit the store and pick up exactly what is right for your walls. To make the right decision, you can always seek the help of a consultant.

But if there are points to consider, especially for homeowners, placing a TV above the fireplace is definitely not worth it. If only because heat and electrical wires or appliances are not the strongest unions.

Consider dimensions, weight, and flexibility 

In most cases, if you choose a wall bracket model online, it will be listed with the screen size. The supported weight also depends on this. And the weight that the bracket can withstand is a key characteristic. Different models may weigh more or less, even if they have the same screen size. Therefore, pay attention to the characteristics, and carefully compare them. If the exact characteristics are not on the site, they must be on the box, in which case you will have to find out the dimensions during a personal visit.

Another important point is the flexibility of the bracket. What do we mean by flexibility, the ability to turn and tilt the TV so that it can be seen from different corners of the room? Therefore, it is good to choose bracket models with the ability to rotate, which will allow you to either place the TV lower or higher and turn it off at an angle of up to 90 degrees. Now, most brackets are made to meet these requirements, so they can be rotated and even tilted.

There is one more thing to note next, how often do you need access to ports? The ports are usually located on the back of the TV, so if you are going to disconnect and connect additional devices frequently, you will need to ensure that they are constantly accessible. But if there is no such need, then you can consider a fixed bracket. The same goes for cases where you plan to place the TV well so that it doesn’t need to be moved.

When choosing a bracket, be sure not to forget about the layout of the room. After all, the brackets are different, and the convenience of further use of the TV will depend on the type of bracket.

When you decided on everything and ready to get a wall mount, just visit the Furniture In Fashion website and choose the best model.

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