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The Importance of Proper Care for Your Sportswear

by Yurii

Sports enthusiasts, it’s time to pay attention to your gym wear! Whether you’re a runner, a gymnast, or a yogi, your sportswear is an essential part of your training routine. It’s crucial to maintain it in its best shape to keep your appearance in check and enjoy the best of its features. In this article, we will discuss the key principles of washing and caring for your sportswear, ensuring that it lasts for a long time.

Rules to remember

After a strenuous workout session, it’s crucial to take care of your sportswear as soon as possible. The following are the rules that you need to follow to keep your gym wear fresh and hygienic:

  • Don’t let it linger. Don’t leave your wet sportswear in your gym bag or pile it up with your dirty laundry. It’s essential to hang it up to dry after your workout session or wash it immediately to prevent bacteria growth and an unpleasant odor.
  • Soak it up. Mix 1/4 vinegar and water, and soak your sportswear in this solution for 30 minutes. This will help in eliminating sweat odor and keep your sportswear smelling fresh.
  • The right temperature. When washing your sportswear, select the highest temperature setting possible, depending on the type of fabric. For synthetic fabrics, add a little lemon juice or vinegar, which will help kill bacteria even at low temperatures.Hang or dry. Don’t dry your sportswear on a hot battery as it may ruin the fabric. Instead, hang it up to dry or use a machine dryer if it’s allowed, but keep in mind that the sportswear may shrink in this process.

Washing your sportswear

Washing your sportswear is crucial to keeping it in good shape and preserving its properties. The following are the tips to wash your fitness garments correctly:

  • Read the label. Before washing, check the product label to avoid any unwanted consequences.
  • The right detergent. Use a liquid detergent specifically designed for sportswear.
  • Avoid using harsh powders or bleaches, and steer clear of powders that don’t dissolve completely as they can cause allergies.
  • Gentle cycle. Select the delicate cycle or hand wash option when using the machine. Avoid using the high spin function and wash different colored items together to prevent color bleeding.
  • Softeners. Use fabric softeners to soften the fabric and eliminate static electricity and lumps.

Ironing and storing your sportswear

Ironing and storing your sportswear are crucial steps in maintaining its shape and appearance. The following are the tips to iron and store your sportswear:

  • The right temperature. Choose the minimal or moderate mode on the iron, depending on the type of fabric and the designation indicated on the product label. Some sportswear may not require ironing at all.
  • Away from odors. Store your sportswear away from strong odors as it absorbs them quickly. Strong odors during your workout session can be distracting and irritating.

In conclusion, proper care and maintenance of your sportswear are essential for a long-lasting and comfortable workout experience. Don’t be lazy to wash and dry your gym wear on time, iron it correctly, and invest in good detergents. Visit the Gym King website for the latest models and materials that will amaze you and inspire you to keep your sportswear in its best shape.

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