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Shaved Head Treatment. All the Nuances and Peculiarities

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As it turned out, many men who shave their heads do not know some of the rules for caring for baldness and scalp. In this article, we will analyze some of the most important rules that will allow you to enjoy a clean-shaven head without rashes and skin irritation.

Why should men take care of a shaved head?

For some reason, it seems to many that a bald head and the absence of hair on it automatically means the absence of problems: “Well, that is, he is bald, why should he wash his hair?” This is a common misconception. In fact, bald men with clean-shaven heads are forced to constantly care for their scalp and hairline in order to avoid any possible problems.

Bald people still need to shampoo their hair

For some reason, many people think that if a man has a clean-shaven head, then he does not need to wash his head with shampoo at all. This is a common misconception. In fact, bald men, like everyone else, need to wash their hair to wash off accumulated sweat particles, flaky skin particles, and dust from the urban environment from the skin.

Preparing the skin for shaving

It is extremely important to perform several rituals before shaving your head in order to open the pores on the skin and prepare it for shaving. Ideally, before shaving your head, you should take a hot shower, then the pores on the skin will open, and shaving will not cause irritation.

If there is no time for a shower, you can simply rinse your head with moderately hot water, or wet a fluffy towel with it and cover your head with it. Already after 1-2 minutes with such a towel on your head, the pores on the skin will open and you will be ready to shave your head.

Using moisturizers, lotions, and aftershave products

Be sure to use cream, lotions, and skincare products after shaving! Preferably without alcohol. Moisturize your skin immediately after shaving your head, everyone knows this. But it also does not hurt to use the aftershave several times after, including the next day. This will save your scalp from microcracks, irritation, peeling, and many other unpleasant things that you would like to avoid.

Do not shave your head in the direction of hair growth

Many neglect this rule, but you should know that the skin does not like it very much. It is because of shaving against hair growth on unprepared skin that acne, acne pimples, and inflammation can occur.

Although shaving the head in the opposite direction of hair growth gives an additional 5-10 hours to the growth of a beard, it is still recommended to shave the head in the direction of hair growth for the first 5-10 times. Only after the scalp gets used to it, you will be able to shave against hair growth.

Protect your scalp in any season

The scalp, devoid of the hairline, is very vulnerable and sensitive to the effects of the outside world in any season. This should always be remembered! In summer, the skin is attacked by ultraviolet radiation and dust from the urban environment. Because of this, all bald people are advised to wear hats, such as caps, or use sunscreen. In winter, the scalp is attacked by negative temperatures – therefore, it is necessary to wear a hat from the end of autumn.

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