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Men’s Slippers: Which Model to Choose?

by Eloiza

The different types of male slippers and slippers First gesture when jumping out of bed, slip your feet into your slippers. It is a comfort reflex, especially when the thermometer falls. Indeed, in cold weather, poorly protected feet tend to cool down, creating discomfort.

To avoid these bad sensations, it is better to have good slippers, to relax indoors or take a walk in the garden. So, for gentlemen, Charentaises, mules or slippers, what to choose? What types of men’s slippers to favour?

Slippers for men: charentaises mules or slippers?

Charentaises, slippers, mules or sans-gêne are all slippers, that is to say soft shoes usually indoors with sometimes some peculiarities. More or less covering, it is generally necessary to take into account its sensitivity, the comfort sought to favour one style or another. But the different models of slippers often keep you warm. For the less chilly, mules but also slippers open at the back will do the trick. They cover just the front of the foot and are padded inside to ensure a certain comfort.

The Charentaises take their name from their homeland, the Charente. They have small heels and are made of felt, a non-woven canvas obtained by hair pressure. Like closed slippers, they cover the entire foot and are therefore more comfortable. These styles of slippers are better suited to the most chilly. The same is true for the troubleless. Less aerial than the others, their soles are also less flexible. Rather, they have a scratch closure system that makes them special.

Men’s slippers: what material is right for you?

Whether for the sole, the inner or outer lining, the choice of material matters a lot to have more or less comfort. If you sweat your feet, for example, favour breathable materials such as canvas. For flexibility, the leather or nubuck slipper is a good idea. Men’s wool slippers generally guarantee warmth, comfort and softness. For the softness, velvet slippers are also an excellent choice.

In inner lining, virgin wool is antibacterial and absorbs perspiration. This is ideal if you prefer to wear socks. A rubber or natural latex outsole will provide more grip to indoor slippers. An outsole will ensure good support. However, with the felt soles of the Charentaises, it is better not to go outside. An EVA insole will guarantee you more comfort.

Men’s slippers according to your needs

We do not all have the same needs, whether in terms of comfort, style, etc. For some, slippers are for winter, when the cold is at its pinnacle. For others, slippers can be worn in autumn or spring. There are also summer slippers like these plastic mules with holes, the Crocs that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

There are more and more on the market, men’s slippers that meet specific needs, such as:

  • ecological and ethical men’s slippers: rather in tune with the times, these slippers are mainly made of ecological materials. Made in France, they are for you if you have opted for eco-responsible consumption, with products with low environmental impact. Example of 100% bio-sourced wool-based slippers from the Massif Central;
  • slippers for sensitive feet: they are suitable if you have painful feet, onions on your feet, flat foot, etc. These are often orthopaedic slippers to ensure comfort to the feet that usually suffer;
  • slippers for wide feet: when your feet are wider than normal, it is an option to be preferred;
  • playful slippers: they meet the needs of those who love fun. Drawings, funny images, tassels to keep smiling throughout the winter;
  • upright slippers: like high boots, they also provide comfort to the calves.

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