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Men Can Build A Strong Loungewear Wardrobe With These Easy Tips

by Eloiza

Not only did the year 2020 alter how we eat and care for our health, but it also altered how we dress. Through the course of a season, a decade, an era, or even a pandemic, fashion continues to change. 

2020 saw the emergence of loungewear as comfort and ease become the new standards for wearing. And that won’t change any time soon or for any upcoming seasons; loungewear will still be fashionable in 2021. 

However, now that we’ve been enjoying the trend for a year, have we really perfected the trick to ace the trend? Trust us when we say that loungewear is much more than just having a lot of cozy pajamas in your closet and walking around in stylish boxers all the time.

Advice On How To Build A Loungewear Wardrobe For Men 

When worn in public, clothing that is sartorially acceptable at home may be an absolute no-no. You won’t wear your boxers, no matter how stylish they are, to the airport or on a coffee date, after all. 

However, one thing is for certain: loungewear is here to stay. As such, why not pick up some stylish tips while embracing this cozy fashion trend. 

To build a strong loungewear wardrobe, men must adhere to the following 5 straightforward fashion advice.

1. Consider cotton and linen 

Contrary to popular assumption, the comfort of the fabric rather than the fit of the garment is more important for loungewear. By holding your perspiration, a baggy T-shirt made of synthetic and viscose can harm you more than help. 

So, to create a great loungewear wardrobe, consider textiles like cotton, linens, supima cotton, and cotton-linen blends. 

Start with plain, neutral-colored, basic cotton T-shirts and work your way up from there.

2. Invest on stylish joggers and sweatpants 

Sweatpants and joggers are the ideal loungewear pants, and are no longer just appropriate for sports and workouts. Choose joggers with tapered legs that complement the shape of your legs and are made of rich materials like wool and terry cotton.

3. Put More Relaxed Fit Into Focus 

One fashion trend that has experienced significant comeback recently is anti-fit everything. Maximum comfort is offered by airy silhouettes and loose fits if the correct fabric was chosen for the garment. 

If you want to add a luxurious garment component to your closet, choose these linen pants. These pants won’t let you down and will last a long time, whether you wear them occasionally with printed shirts or for special occasions with a short kurta.

4. Wear Kurtas more often 

You did read that correctly. The coziness of a kurta is unmatched. A cotton kurta is suitable as loungewear due to its utility, fit, and fabric. 

Why be reluctant to express our Indianness more frequently when Kurtas have been there long before the phrase “loungewear” was even invented? For a more laid-back appearance, wear your kurta with regular fit jeans and a pair of kolhapuris.

5. Take Large Uppers into Account 

With wool sweatpants paired with oversized hoodies and sweaters, you can easily transition from fall to winter in your loungewear look. For a winning loungewear look, slouchy overcoats and overshirts also go well with joggers and fleece pants.

6. Buy a few coordinated sets. 

A set of coordinated outfits best captures the spirit of loungewear. At the same time, it is stylish and cozy. 

The ones with shirts and shorts options work for more informal settings, while the full-length ones may be appropriate for a casual dress day at work.

7. Add Caps to Finish Your Look 

A few well-chosen accessories can give your look a ton of details and edge. A stylish cap would be the ideal choice of accessory for a contemporary loungewear look.

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