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Is It Possible To Do Without Sports Nutrition In Bodybuilding?

by Eloiza

Hello, dear readers. Today we will talk about whether it is possible to do without sports nutrition in bodybuilding. There can be many reasons to refuse such additives. Someone is too expensive, someone, because of their beliefs, does not use animal products, and someone just did not understand the topic.

In general, today we will consider the possibility of bodybuilding without sports nutrition. Let’s go.

Why do you need sports nutrition?

If we talk directly about nutrition, several additives can be included in this category:

  • protein;
  • gainer;
  • power substitutes.

Protein is a protein, the most common one. It is obtained from milk, eggs, beef. There are plant proteins: peas, rice, hemp and others.

If we talk about the gainer, it’s already a carbohydrate-protein mixture. The main function is to supply the athlete with the necessary amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for our body.

Food substitutes are ready-made mixtures: soups, omelettes, pancakes, ice cream. Just add water, heat the slurry – and here’s a ready-made dish devoid of all harmful substances.


This substance is produced by our body. Usually an athlete decides to buy creatine when he wants to raise his endurance and strength. Creatine accumulates in the muscles and acts as an energy substrate. The more of it, the easier it is to conduct intensive training.

Fat burner

In order to gain muscle mass, you need to create a calorie surplus. But it will not be possible to calculate the meticulously required amount of carbohydrates. So together with the muscles, the athlete gains a little fat.

Amino acids

Protein, entering the body, breaks down into components: amino acids. Together with them, we get a certain amount of fat and carbohydrates. If every gram of dry mass is critical to you, amines will help you. You can buy BCAA, or you can buy an amino acid complex. It all depends on how complete your diet is.


Is the diet monotonous and poor in fruits and vegetables? You can’t do without a vitamin complex, no matter how you twist it. Their deficit is not only the state of zombies and the same appearance. It’s also constant fatigue, low training productivity and weak immunity.

Is it possible to do without sports nutrition?

As you can see, most supplements are a replacement for ordinary food, devoid of “harmful” or unnecessary impurities. For example, today you can buy protein without lactose: a special development for those who suffer from malabsorption or lactose intolerance.

Without additives, you can achieve both muscle gain and get rid of fat. The main thing is a correct and thoughtful diet that covers your need not only for BJU, but also for other nutrients.


Is it possible to pump up without sports nutrition? Yes, you can. The main condition for this is to prepare a diet in such a way that it meets all the requirements for the goal. Do you want to build muscle mass? Consume enough protein and slow carbohydrates..

As you can see, there is always an alternative. But it makes sense to give up sportspit if it costs as much in terms of money with a reasonable approach as ordinary products? And besides, it’s not chemistry at all, but the same food. Only devoid of harmfulness. Approach everything wisely and be beautiful.

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