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How to Properly Follow the Latest Trend of Cropped Shorts and Blazers?

by Eloiza

We all remember how popular cropped crop tops were at one time, which even some puffy beauties wore without hesitation. Now their relevance has faded a bit but they have been replaced by no less interesting options. Namely – cropped shirts and blazers. They look very interesting and certainly not boring. So we offer to get to know them and find out what is better to combine such a “top” with.

Crop shirts and crop jackets are a fairly new fashion trend that not every modern fashionista is familiar with. Therefore, it is not surprising that many will have the question “What to wear it with?” In fact, there are enough options.

In addition, we want to help you figure out how practical such wardrobe items are. And not only for any event, but also for casual looks.

In fact, cropped shirts and blazers cannot be called the base of the wardrobe. They are not that versatile. Therefore, if you are for conscious consumption and are not ready to treat yourself to a new little thing not for all occasions, having spent money on it, pass by.

They will not be the best option for puffy beauties. Indeed, as a result, a horizontal line is created in a completely unnecessary place, which seems to divide the silhouette into two disproportionate parts. In this case, there is a risk of optically adding a couple of kilograms.

Cropped shirts

Let’s just say that there is not much variety in them. As a rule, such models are presented with a classic cut with a turn-down collar and patch pockets. The main difference is that they are very short.


Such a shirt can reach the waistline or even end under the bust. We advise you to bet on the first option. Indeed, with the second there is a risk of demonstrating intimate places, albeit, in underwear, you just have to raise your hands. Exceptions are instances that are fixed at the bottom with strings.

As for the design, it is different. For some, the bottom is represented by a free cut of the oversized type, for others, as already mentioned, there are ties, for others, there are bones like a corset or bra.

The material also varies. There are products made of silk, cotton, and jeans. It’s realistic to wear them with almost any bottom, then rely on your own preferences – it can be just trousers or denim, as well as skirts. If you decide to combine with shorts, then bet on the now fashionable elongated options. But in any case, it is better if this very bottom is not with a low fit.

Cropped blazers

With them, things are much more complicated. But if you want to be in trend, then why not? Basically, they are represented by a straight cut or oversized.

Combining crop blazers is really everything with the same bottom as shirts, only pay more attention to combinations of textures. And the most advantageous option here is to purchase a ready-made suit.


Now you know all the peculiarities of this beautiful trend. Find the best-cropped shirts and blazers for ladies, available on the Club L London website.

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