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Choosing a men’s Bathrobe Correctly: From Style and Size to Color and Design

by Eloiza

A few years ago, a man in a luxurious satin bathrobe could be seen only in a foreign film. It seemed to many then that this is an image from the world of the rich, who have their own whims and whims. But today, such a decision as to buy a velor men’s bathrobe or choose a stylish terry model as a gift to a husband or father, no longer seems something unusual.

Moreover, the stronger sex appreciated the convenience of such men’s clothing and are looking for bathrobes not only for the bath, but also for everyday use at home. What the modern market offers and what criteria to follow when buying, we are ready to tell you.

Home styles: a variety of fabrics and designs

There are men for whom swimming trunks and T-shirts are enough for home comfort. There are those who feel best in a tracksuit. But still, most men will never give up a comfortable terry or knitted bathrobe. What are the advantages of such clothes for home over other options?

Such clothes can perform several functions at once – to warm and absorb moisture after a bath, to give comfort during morning tea drinking, to emphasize male charisma. Agree, a man in a stylish bathrobe looks very attractive and homely.

How to choose the right bathrobe for men’s comfort every day?

Decide on the size. The features of the size selection will be described in more detail below.

Choose a quality fabric. Modern manufacturers create such men’s collections for the home from various materials based on natural cotton. These are models made of soft microfiber and velvet velor, products made of shiny satin and knitted styles, as well as terry models.

Find “your” design. Yes, men also pay attention to appearance. And not only to the appearance of women, but also to their own. Therefore, if one representative of the stronger sex will like a light almost plain cotton bathrobe, the other will prefer a terry option in contrasting shades.

How to choose a comfortable bathrobe for a man: the question of size

Finally, one of the most important questions when choosing a cotton bathrobe for a dear man: how to determine the size of the product? Most often, this problem is solved at the stage of viewing the characteristics from the manufacturer. Companies usually provide dimensional grids for their products and you can easily compare the parameters of a man with the data in the tables.

Find an old men’s bathrobe and take measurements on it. A jacket or coat is also suitable for this. In this case, it is better to add 2 cm to the data on the half-girth of the chest. After all, home clothes made of cotton or terry should be free and not too tight to the body.

In length, choose a model to the knees or below the knee.

Measurements will also depend on the type of style you choose. If it is a home model made of cotton or even microfiber, it can be more fitted, while for the bathing option it is better to provide a loose fit, and therefore a looser size.

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